streamable learning - A Live & Interactive Virtual Field Trip Subscription Service

Enhance Your Curriculum with Interactive Virtual Field Trips

Introduce your classrooms to an endless world of interactive, educational livestreams that equi-tably connect districts and schools to subject-matter experts and organizations from around the world with Streamable Learning!

Streamable Learning is accessible via a Learn360 subscription, so educators have one point of access and can pair Learn360 assets with livestreams to create memorable and meaningful learning experiences. Special bundle pricing is available. Learn360 and Streamable Learning are also available separately. Contact us for more info!

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Product Features

Open Doors to Authentic Learning Experiences

Whether your classroom is in-person, fully remote, or hybrid, Streamable Learning provides curriculum-focused experiences that help students connect what they learn in class with what is happening out in the world.

Create equitable opportunities for life experiences across the classroom
Improve student outcomes
Share unique experiences
Use Live Chat to connect with subject matter experts

Makes Virtual Field Trips Fun

Streamable Learning is the only live and interac-tive streaming service on the market today that also offers an extensive library of past record-ings—more than 1,000! These virtual live events create an immersive experience and help administrators and educators:

Control expenses
Ensure student safety
Eliminate complicated logistics
Save educator and student time
Allow all students to participate equally
Allow students who missed the livestream to watch the recording
Reinforce learning by referencing the recording of an event

Livestreams for Schools & Districts

Streamable Learning and all of our content partners encourage you to explore our interactive livestreams. We believe our programs are an excellent source of supplemental curriculum and so we offer hundreds of opportunities to join. In fact, as a subscription service, we offer more programs, from more providers, than any other platform around. Better yet, our programs are easy to discover, book, and attend. Wherever you have internet access, you have access to Streamable Learning. A subscription includes:

Hundreds of K-12 interactive livestreams
Sourced from educational institutions from around the world
Delivered by subject matter experts
Engage your students through live Q&A, chats and polling
Supplemental resources
30-40 minutes in length
On-demand access to previously recorded livestreams
Single Sign-On available through Learn360.
A subscription includes equal access to all of your teachers
As a teacher platform, we do not collect student data
Teachers can share recorded links with students.
In collaboration with a school or district, we can sequence live events to directly support your curriculum.