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A learning resource every student should have access to!

Canadian content for Canadian Schools covering all subject areas Help Teachers teach and Student’s learn about this great country! Experience and travel through 111 years! Canadian Content, Canadian Authors/Journalists, Canadian Issues. Read anything and everything Maclean’s has ever published – over a century worth of articles – defining the story of Canada and its place in the world. Explore editors’ recommendations, or search articles, stories and interviews from any and every issue since 1905, right up to present day. It’s the ultimate insight into our nation’s evolution. The Maclean’s Archives – the best resource for Canadian Schools.

What is The Maclean’s Archive?

The Maclean’s Archives is an online digital collection of EVERY article EVER written in Maclean’s Magazine since 1905. There are literally THOUSANDS of images and articles available at the click of a button.

If we Subscribe, does our Institution only get access to the articles?

When searching the Maclean’s database, your search results will provide three things:

Every Article written in Maclean’s related to your key word search
Every visual image attached to the retrieved Article(s) related to your key word search at the time of publication
Every advertisement attached to the retrieved Article(s) related to your key word search at the time of publication

How would your school(s) use this resource and is it available to both teachers and students?

The Maclean’s Archives is available to both teachers and students. It can be accessed at school or at home depending upon your access requirements/needs. There are so many ways the The Maclean’s Archives can be used by schools. Maclean’s is the only Canadian publication that focuses exclusively on Canada and World Events. It covers most subject areas, including but not limited to:

Social Sciences
Canadian Politics
World Politics
Human Rights Issues
Womens Studies
World Affairs
Arts and Humanities
English Language
Physical Education
Computer Science
Creative Writing
Health and Wellbeing

Why should our Schools purchase the Maclean’s Archive?

Maclean’s Magazine is the only Canadian news publication. It is rich with Canadian content, history, perspective and culture.
The Maclean’s Archives provides students with access to reliable and reputable information. Content is validate, accurate and substantial in quantity.
The Maclean’s Archives provides students with an instant online tool for research in a wide variety of subject areas.
The Maclean’s Archives is easy to navigate and rich with content.
The Maclean’s Archives covers all news articles from 1905 to present. New content is continually added as new issues are published. This is an ever growing and evolving resource.
Up to the minute current events.
Makes research easy and rewarding.
Canadian, Canadian, Canadian!

How do we access the The Maclean’s Archives?

Access is granted by IP address. We can also provide username and password access if your institution does not have a static IP address.

Does your system support EZ proxy so that our students and/or patrons can have access from home?


How much does it cost and is it an annual subscription?

The cost depends on a number of criteria but is based on the FTE’s of your School or the Number of subscriptions purchased if you are a public library. The Maclean’s Archives is sold as an annual subscription. For exact pricing please contact

Can our institution get a free trial? If so, how long does it last for?

We can offer a 30 day free trial.

How do we order the The Maclean’s Archives, and how soon can it be set up?

To order contact:
Suzanne Hitchon
Cell: 416-570-3606
Office: 1-800-565-1996 ext 251
Set up access is within 1 business day.